1. Standards
    We don’t re-invent the wheel.  We use established
    Standards in every aspect of our work.  For areas where external standards do not exist, we have developed our own Standards, specifically to provide High Quality and High Performance in relational databases and applications.  These Standards further provide straight-forward problem identification and ease of change, in both application software and databases.

  2. Our Standards are not for sale, but they are provided under licence with Education only, in order to ensure thorough and faithful implementation.

  3. High Quality
    These days anyone with a keyboard and screen can write ‘software’ and design ‘databases’, while promising the world.  Designing database applications that do not break; that scale; that can be changed easily, is an entirely different exercise.  Some people think that any ‘software’ placed in an SMP, OLTP engine such as Sybase, deems that ‘software’ SMP and OLTP.  Rubbish placed in a box labelled “chocolate” is still rubbish.  Due to our implementation and documentary
    Standards, High Quality and High Performance are substantiated, not merely promised. 

  4. High Performance
    Our short, intensive Performance Tuning assignments and our publications on the subject, are probably the aspect that we are most known in the
    Sybase community.  Obtaining 10 to 12 times the performance (that’s 1000 to 1200% improvement) without changing the hardware/software platform or the licence conditions is not uncommon.

  5. Intimate knowledge of Sybase and relational database technology, true OLTP transactions, and decades of experience in true consulting assignments (problem identification and resolution) as well as full application implementations, allow us produce databases and applications that are both High Performance at implementation, and that actually scale in future.  Monitoring structures are implemented as standard.

  6. Guarantee
    We are tertiary educated engineers, we do not understand why fridges and cars are guaranteed, but software is not.  Our software and solutions are engineered to
    Standards, our work is based heavily on experience, and we are Quality & Performance experts in all aspects of database and application design.  Thus we provide a simple three-part guarantee for all our work.

  7. Ex-Partner
    We have been a proud and active
    Sybase Partner from 1997 to 2010, during which we provided all the benefits of the BSA Program under SI, VAR, and OEM Schedules (eg: our own long-standing relationship with Sybase; access to support facilities over and above normal customer support).  We use some, but not all, Sybase products, and we are heavily experienced in getting the best Performance and Quality out of the products we do use. 

  8. Accountability
    While we happily take instruction from the business, for larger projects we require participation and sign-off from your Auditors and IT executive.

•  Information Architecture

•  Database & Datawarehouse

•  Database, Datawarehouse &
    Application Amelioration (in-place)

•  HP, HQ Sybase server installation

•  Three-tier Financial Applications

•  FIX & SWIFT Gateways

•  Full Security & Auditing

•  Sybase Consulting

•  High Performance Transactions

•  Database & Server Tuning

•  Sybase Upgrades & Migrations

•  Walk-in DBA Service

•  SQL Doctor service

•  Sybase Server &
    Database Administration Scripts

•  PowerBuilder PFC
•  Java Class Libraries

We are a specialist consulting house providing the following services:

  1. Specialist Consulting
    While we can execute any database assignment, and provide any secured three-tier application, we specialise in
    Sybase, and provide true Consulting for Sybase implementations.  From diagnostic and audit exercises, to server and application tuning, to High Performance server installation and configuration.  Fixed price work only.  We provide a ‘walk in’ DBA service, however, we are not contractors and do not provide hourly rate services.

  2. Much of our work involves providing (and being completely responsible for) the entire database design and the application architecture, and shepherding the customer’s development team in developing the application themselves.

  3. We provide a Fixed Price server/database upgrade service, for those customers who wish to upgrade the Quality and Performance of their Sybase servers and databases.

  4. Banking & Finance
    Having provided services and applications to this market sector since 1993, we are now specialists in this as well.  We have a great deal of experience in both the market (instruments, methods, etc) as well as available software, and their integration requirements. 

  5. Sybase Support
    Sybase server and database support, appropriate for stable systems without a full-time DBA.  Subject to a Technical Audit and documentary requirements.  Either 16x6 or 24x7.  Levels I and II are off-shore, with Level III (on-site attendance, highest level of expertise) in Sydney.  We currently support Sybase ASE versions from 11.5 (yes!) to 15.5.  Application support upon audit and negotiation.

  6. Education
    We provide specialist education for development teams, to enable them to build High Quality, High Performance applications in
    Sybase.  This involves the implementation of our Standards.  We do not provide the ordinary SQL and Sybase education provided by others.

  7. Software
    Having pursued our occupation for a number of years, we script all repetitive tasks.  We provide software to automate the administration of
    Sybase databases and servers, with full logging and notifications.  We also have a full-blown Investment Management application that is of course ...

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